Spit Fetish

I know only site in this fetish niche – Spit Swappers! Hot pornstars getting freaky with gigaliters of spit: drooling, drinking, swapping, fighting and more! They drink it from mouthes, pussies and ass holes, licking from bellies and faces, ready to lick floor and (even dogs) plates and so on. Mindblowing site and unusual content

Merry Christmas (plus gift)

Hi, mates! How do you think – Santa, elfs and Christmas athmosphere are Rare Fetish or not? As for me – YES, they are! Below you see some pics from fetishes’ sites which have cool combination of main fetish (basic for that site) and our christmas fetish! Cool combination, i think! When you click on

Gallery with miniskirt fetish

Miniskirt fetish is a really rare thing on the web. I love miniskirts and i love ILoveMiniskirts.com (spanish users version) porn site! My strict recommendations!

Missing for 70s

Yeahhh. 70s-80s. Old good time. VHS, tape recorder, Soviet union and cold war. But we found a hour or two to watch porn and smoke a joint (or two). Yourth. Porn movies were not so qualitative as today but they had scenario and were more… more human? Where were silicon tits and shaved pussies? Where


As my friend (he is a doctor) says – pregnancy is not a disease, it’s a physiological condition of an organism, female organism. Like a sleep or stress. Ok, i beleive him. And when i see pregnant babes doing sex i beleive him more and more. I do not know what happens in their organisms

Glory hole action

A small gift for all celebrating Thanksgiving day (and sure for other surfers too). rare Fetish niche – s.n. Glory Hole! Site – Holey Fuck! A chubby looking girl enters the toilet, desperate for a pee. When she is finished a hard dick appears through a hole in the wall. Once she gets over the

turk turk

United states is celebrating Thanksgiving Day. Happy Thanksgiving, guys, and a God bless to you and yours.

Tissue Queens

  I’ll use official slogan of Tissue Queens, ok? Nobody say better. TissueQueens – Extreme non-nude, exclusive models, ultimate tease. It is a unique and original concept where we push non-nude to the limits! We feature sexy teens, most of them being newcomers, and photograph them wearing wet and transparent tissue! The result is an

Sleeping surprise tube-style video

An owner of a second hand shop is sorting out his stuff when a beautiful looking girl enters in order to buy something. She browses around but she is so tired from a long night’s work that she falls asleep on one of the sofas. Carefully the shopkeeper caries her to a quiet spot in

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